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IT Training Consultant


Freelance Trainer

Would you like to deliver your software projects faster?


Would like your IT budget to go further?


Well, by improving your system development process, you could do both at the same time.


Many software projects go wrong, not because of technical failures, but due to unclear requirements specification, poor system design or inadequate testing.


This can dramatically slow down application development, extend project timescales and increase costs.


I can help you to change this.  I can improve your software production methods and provide training for your staff to ensure you deliver robust business solutions, on time and on budget.


Alastair Millar provides software testing training, user acceptance testing training, business analysis training, and other specialised training and consultancy for IT professionals.

He also offers authoring of technical / training manuals and user guides.

Alastair Millar is based in Edinburgh and operates throughout the UK.


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